Posted by: jgroppel | October 1, 2012



D1: (n) a small piece of metal used to unlock a door or for starting an engine / a machine

D2: (n) a written or punched code / symbols

D3: (adj) very important

D4: (n) the tone or pitch of music

D5: (n) the buttons on a computer or instrument

D6: (n) an island created by sediment

E1: Those are the keys to my house and car.

E2: This map has a key in the bottom left corner.

E3: Motivation is key to a successful career.

E4: Sandra is singing off key.

E5: Don’t hit the DELETE key!

E6: We like to go to the Florida Keys on vacation.

S2: legend

S3: essential

S6: cay



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